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LED Bollards

LED Bollard Lights for Commercial and Landscape Lighting
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Bollard lights are designed to illuminate the entrance way of a building or a residence or to illuminate an area, such as a walkway or deck, including a pool deck. They are so named because in shape they typically resemble the bollards, i.e., posts, used at wharfs and around which mooring lines are fastened. Outdoor bollard lighting fixtures are a fashionable way to light up pathways and other areas of a landscape. The unobtrusive design offers a distinguished way to dress up the exterior of a house or commercial space through soft lighting without detracting from the architectural elements of a building's facade. LED bollard light gives you energy saving from the first day of operation throughout its long useful life without any maintenance. Constructed of durable metal, these lights diffuse light to illuminate pathways in a circular fashion. Aesthetically engineered with high quality die-cast aluminum/stainless steel and industrial-grade finishing ensures its splendor and mechanically long-lasting. LED bollards come with diverse choices of powers, color temperatures, sizes, heights, exterior colors to meet up with the requirement of landscape lighting project. The rugged construction and maintenance-free performance of LED bollard is well suited for illuminating building entryways, walking paths and pedestrian plazas, as well as any other location demanding a low-mounting-height light source. Bollard path lights typically use LED bulbs as light sources. The LEDs can also be mounted directly to printed circuit boards designed to further increase heat transfer to the heat sink surface. Each LED is equipped with a directional optic for maximum beam angle projection. The optic is manufactured out of etched glass and perfect for applications which need light to be emitted in 360 degrees around the bollard. A polycarbonate lens covers the LED arrays. Two optical distributions, symmetrical and asymmetrical distribution, give builders and designers versatility to match the project's landscape, and an internal motion sensor makes it possible for building owners to achieve substantial energy savings without modifying the fixture look. The diffuser is constructed from vandal resistant clear or frosted acrylic. Solar bollard lights are designed to provide visually pleasing and efficient illumination where grid supplied power is not available. The bollard recharges with an energy-efficient and high quality amorphous solar panel technology. The top mounted solar panel absorbs sunlight during the day to help recharge the rechargeable battery for use during the night time. The auto on/off sensor detects the onset of dusk or inclement weather and tunes its the light eliminating the need to set a timer or go out and manually turn your lights on. Bollard lights are designed to operate in harsh environments, vandalism and they must endure severe day to day abuse over extended periods of times. The LED bollard is gasketed to seal out exterior contaminants. Powder coated housing provides excellent salt and humidity resistance in addition to ultra violet resistance for color retention. The bollard is typically round in shape and has a dome top.
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