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Landscape Spotlights

Low Voltage Pole Clamp Mount Architectural LED Spotlight/Floodlight
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Landscape spotlights are outdoor light fixtures specially designed to highlight individual elements in the landscape. Spotlighting is the best way to accent selected garden features, thus directing the viewer's attention. In many instances, there's a need for lighting systems to cast a narrowly focused beam that elevates the visual appeal of hardscape or softscape elements such as sculptures, foliage, trees and shrubs. LED landscape spotlights deliver amazing colors and brightness levels and provide the precise spread of light over a long distance. Brilliant light output, full spectrum of saturated colors and compatibility with advanced lighting controls make these fixtures ideal for a variety of landscape uplighting, spotting, shadowing, silhouetting and moonlighting applications. In the landscaping industry, decorative spotlighting fixtures are typically constructed with a rugged, water-tight and dust-tight housing for superior heat dissipation and to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperature variations. RGB spotlights can be controlled using a DMX or a standard RGB controller to support a range of dynamic landscape lighting applications.
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