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Linear Lighting Manufacturers and Suppliers
Linear lighting is designed to support various architectural concept and enhance the architecture without overplaying specific details through direct and indirect lighting. LED linear lights such as linear trunking systems, wraparound fixtures, batten lights, flexible light strips and rigid light bars, deliver a seamless synthesis of aesthetics, performance and energy efficiency. Pendant, recessed, surface and wall fixtures provide integrated design options, modern design refinement, light distribution versatility and offer an array of configuration possibilities. They can easily meet the visibility requirements of horizontal tasks (illuminance) and the need for softly lit vertical planes (luminance) for low bay and layered lighting applications such as in commercial buildings, residential settings, supermarkets, offices, educational facilities, libraries, warehouses, and a variety of interior spaces. With attractive features such as simplified installation, aesthetically refined design and seamless controls integration, LED linear trunking systems combine high-end architectural styling with precision optical engineering, opening up new horizons for innovative commercial lighting schemes that are impossible with linear fluorescent lighting. Light strips, such as flexible LED light strips, and rigid light bars, come with inherent flexibility due to the miniature fixture sizes and installation versatility. They find a wide range of applications such as under cabinet lighting, TV back lighting, staircase lighting, architectural lighting, indirect accent lighting, bar lighting, kitchen lighting, toe kick lighting, ceiling cove lighting, backlighting of signs and displays, decorations and vehicles.
Linear Lighting
  • Shenzhen Surmountor Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Since its founding in 2009, Surmountor has been growing from a small startup to one of the market leading manufacturers of linear LED lighting systems. The company accelerates growth and value cre...
  • Shenzhen Easton Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Easton Technology offers a complete line of full-color LED lighting products that address the needs of landscape, facade, signage, stage and studio lighting professionals. The ability to tap into ...
  • Shenzhen Guoying Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Guoying Optoelectronics manufactures flexible LED strip lights, linear LED slot lights, aluminum profiles and LED panel lights. Founded ten years ago, Guoying Optoelectronics is the source of cost-effective lighting solutions with uncompromising em...
  • Products: LED strip lights, linear LED slot lights, aluminum profiles, LED panel lights
  • Shenzhen LEDMY Co., Ltd.
  • LEDMY specializes in LED light strips, LED linear slots, LED panel lights and LED ceiling lights. LEDMY is one of the few lighting manufacturers that have a systematic niche focus. The design and ...
  • Shenzhen Coreshine Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Coreshine Optoelectronics is a highly specialized manufacturer of linear trunking systems, an energy-efficient, low maintenance LED alternative to traditional linear fluorescent fixtures that find application in a variety of industrial, commercial ...
  • Products: LED linear trunking systems
  • Huacai (Shenzen) Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Huacai Optoelectronics specializes in designing and manufacturing flexible LED strip lights, LED light bars, LED linear trunking systems, architectural LED linear slots, and LED power supplies. Founded in 2008, Huacai has been bringing to the marke...
  • Products: LED linear trunking systems, architectural LED linear slots, flexible LED strip lights, LED light bars
  • Ningbo Panera Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Panera Lighting has been specializing in flexible LED strip lights since its establishment in 2010. The company\'s founder pioneered the development of high-quality, energy-efficient LED strip lighting as early as 2006. Over the years, Panera has a...
  • Products: Flexible LED strip lights, LED neon lights, LED power supplies, aluminum profiles
  • Shenzhen Mingxue Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • Mingxue Optoelectronics has a long-standing presence in the LED lighting industry. Building on its expertise and experience, Mingxue Optoelectronics has pioneered many innovations in LED lighting, fastest growing segment of the light industry today...
  • Products: LED tape lights, rigid LED strips, under cabinet lights, LED spotlight bulbs, LED packages
  • Guangdong Lonyung LED Lighting Co., Ltd.
  • Lonyung LED Lighting is a specialized manufacturer of linear lighting fixtures applicable to virtually any linear lighting applications such as in warehouses, supermarkets, parking garages, cold storages, industrial facilities, offices, hard-to-rea...
  • Products: LED tri-proof lights, linear LED high bay lights, LED batten lights, T5/T8 LED integrated lights, LED Lanterns
  • Wenzhou Yangye Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Yangye Lighting is an established manufacturer of commercial lighting products that include parabolic louver light fixtures, LED linear slot lights, linear tube fixtures, LED panel lights and LED downlights. Since its incorporation in 1989 Yangye L...
  • Products: LED linear slot lights, parabolic louver light fixtures, linear tube fixtures, LED panel lights, LED downlights

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