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WS2815 Individually Addressable RGB LED Strip Lights | Waterproof Digital LED Tapes

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Light Source: SMD 5050 RGB LEDs
LED Density: 30/60/144 LEDs per meter
Control IC: WS2815
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Origin: China
Last Updated: 2021-06-09 23:52
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Company Information
Easton Technology offers a complete line of full-color LED lighting products that address the needs of landscape, facade, signage, stage and studio lighting professionals. The ability to tap into core competencies of complex color adjustment and s... [more]
Product Details
  • Power: 9W/18W/43.2W p/m
  • Input Voltage: DC 5V
  • Light Source: Epistar SMD5050 RGB LEDs
  • Control IC: WS2815
  • LED Density: 30/60/144 LEDs p/m
  • PCB Width: 10mm (30, 60 LEDs/m), 12 mm width (144 LEDs/m)
  • PCB Color: Black or white
  • Color Changing Patterns: 133
  • Speed Settings: 100
  • Tape Length: 5m/reel (30, 60 LEDs/m), 1m/reel (144 LEDs/m)
  • Cutting Intervals: Every 1 LED node
  • Adhesive Backing: 3M adhesive tape
  • Ingress Protection: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
  • Certifications: CE, RoHS
  • Warranty: 5 years
Easton Technology TS-WS2815 digital LED strip lights provide a fully integrated, precisely controllable RGB lighting solution optimized for applications requiring flexible linear LED arrays. From static color mix to complicated pre-programmed color changes, TS-WS2815 offers incredible versatility and customizability that help architects, lighting designers, sign makers and DIY enthusiasts bring out their creative side. The intelligent light strip is a great visual enhancement product that has full color-changing capabilities to create custom DIY lighting scenes. 100% controllable and easily programmable, the uses of this smart linear light are only limited by your imagination.

A conventional RGB or RGBW LED strip light operates as an individually controllable node that produces only simultaneous, identical color effects across the entire run. Thornsun TS-WS2815 digital LED strip lights transform every LED into an individually controllable lighting node which can be DMX addressed to create different light output — different colors and different intensities — simultaneously. This level of control unlocks unlimited color possibilities with programmable dynamic effects and light scenes, from fixed color display in different nodes or segments of the light strip to intricate light shows that leverage dynamic color chasing, sequencing, and changing control. The infinite variety and combination of dramatic lighting effects produced by a TS-WS2815 LED tape makes the product a great choice for architectural and decorative applications. Whether to light up bars, restaurants, hotels, casinos, automobiles, yachts and cruise ships, or bring brilliance to stage shows, retail displays, entertainment centers, there is no shortage to the amount of impressive effects you can achieve with Thornsun digital RGB LED strip lights.

TS-WS2815's node-to-node controllability is delivered by WS2815, a 5050 sized SMD package that integrates control circuitry with three color LED chips - red, green and blue. The control circuitry consists uses a programmable constant current driver that handles the PWM dimming of the red, green and blue LEDs. Compared to its predecessor versions WS2815 has higher PWM refresh rates, which ensure smooth color transition. A precision internal oscillator provides precise timing of data signals. Autoshaping technology eliminates the risk of accumulated waveform distortion. WS2815 uses an SPI serial interface for two-way transfer of data. In contrast to WS2812 which uses very timing-sensitive one-wire protocol, WS2815 uses a two-wire SPI protocol for improved system reliability. Any failure on a single LED node will not lead to the total failure of the light strip.

Easton Technology TS-WS2815 series LED strip lights are supplied in densities of 30, 60 and 144 LEDs per meter. The LED modules are mounted to flexible PCBs using an SMT process which ensures every solder joint has the highest thermal performance and electrical breakdown strength. The 10mm (30, 60 LED p/m tapes) and 12mm (144 LED p/m tape) wide 3-ounce PCBs are made of double layer rolled and annealed (RA) copper foils which are known for their high fatigue performance and excellent metallurgical bonding strength. The flexible LED strip lights comes with various levels of ingress protection, including IP20 (for dry location only), IP65 (epoxy or silicone coated for protection against dust ingress and water jets), IP67 (protected by silicone sleeves to survive temporary submersion), and IP68 (silicon potted and sleeved for complete waterproofness).

Product features
  • WS2815 Individually addressable RGB LEDs (30, 60, or 144 LEDs per meter).
  • Two-wire SPI protocol.
  • RGB control and DMX addressable control.
  • 24-bit color control (8-bit PWM per channel).
  • Full spectrum color mixing (16.7 million colors).
  • 3-ounce flexible PCB board made of RA copper.
  • Epistar RGB LED chips with high color stability and luminous efficacy.
  • Operates on 5 volts DC power supply.
  • 3M thermal conductive adhesive backing.
  • Choice of ingress protection: IP20, IP65, IP67, IP68.
  • Packed in 5-meter reels (30, 60 LEDs p/m) and 1-meter reel (144 LEDs p/m).
  • Cuttable every 1 LED node.
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