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LED Linear Trunking Systems

HiLink LED Linear Trunking Systems | Linkable Shop, Office, Warehouse Lights
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LED Linear Trunking System for Office, Supermarket Lighting
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LED linear trunking systems are highly energy-efficient, low maintenance alternatives to traditional linear fluorescent trunking systems. The versatility and clean styling makes them an ideal choice in many industrial and commercial applications such as open offices, supermarkets, shoppinng malls, retail outlets, assembly halls, and warehouses. A typical linear channel for trunking systems include aluminum profiles, LED modules, optics, drivers, and lighting control modules. Each linear luminaire is available in popular sizes, 2, 4 or 8 feet, or can be custom sized for specific applications. LED linear trunking systems provide a tool less installation with fully compatible modular kits which includes node connectors in X, L and T shapes. These pre-assembled connectors with integral plug-in system (electrical and mechanical connection) provide flexibility for a range of linear and radial illumination applications. LED linear lighting utilizes specialized rails to form the LED linear lighting system. Trunking rails are used to integrate all the linear lights and comes 5, 7, 11-core wiring choice for power supplies, lighting control, and connection to emergency lighting. Some systems employ built-in occupancy sensors, daylight sensors, dimming systems, and wireless technology to control multiple fixtures to accommodate a specific light requirement depending on the specific building conditions and usage of the area. All possible light distribution patterns such as symmetrical and asymmetrical beam angles for spotlighting, floodlighting and wall washing can be created with various optical components including reflectors, lenses, and diffusers. This luminaires are typically mounted as suspended by adjustable self-locking aircraft cables, and rigid pendant stems. Some trunking systems are design to be surface or flush mounted.
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