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LED Linear Fixtures

Linear LED Wall Washers | Surface Mount & Recessed Wall Wash Lighting
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LED Linear Slot Lighting | Pendant & Surface Mount Office Light Fixtures
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LED linear fixtures are versatile lighting systems that combine sleek design, minimalist silhouettes, superior light output and energy efficiency. Available in suspended, surface-mounted and recessed configurations, linear LED fixtures provide unparalleled design flexibility with multiple light distribution, adaptable sizes and connections. Featuring architectural styling and robust performance, these high performing linear luminaires offer unprecedented possibilities, e.g. in terms of visual comfort, light patterns, and control to create an atmosphere rather than for just illumination. The extruded aluminum housing forms a rigid and durable frame that offers rugged mechanics and thermal performance. All possible light distribution patterns such as direct lambertian distribution, perimeter illumination, wall wash and wall graze distributions can be created with various optical components, e.g. louvers, asymmetric reflectors. Impact resistant polycarbonate or acrylic lenses offers uniform diffuse illumination. LED technology allows lighting manufacturers to take full advantage of integrated lighting controls such as, wireless controls, daylight harvesting controls, occupancy sensors, bringing together optimal performance with maximum functionality and energy efficiency. The linkable configuration with trunking connectors creates a continuous-row LED lighting installation for seamless architectural illumination. Through a combination of sleek aluminum profiles, high output LEDs, precisely calculated and designed optics, and a choice of integrated features, LED linear light fixtures provide compelling lighting performance and architectural styling to a wide range of interior linear lighting applications ranging from commercial, institutional and industrial facilities to offices, warehouses and retail environments.
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