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LED Linear Fixtures

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An LED linear fixture or wraparound is an elegant combination of simple design and superior light output. Linear fluorescent fixtures are generally the most affordable lighting system in terms of initial cost, and are consequently the most frequently employed luminaires in commercial and institutional projects. Light emitting diode (LED) lighting systems have favorable aspects over fluorescent lighting for the reason that they have superior lighting quality, longer operating life, and lower energy consumption. LED wraparound fixtures are a cost effective, energy-saving replacement for inefficient fluorescent wrap-around fixtures. LED linear fixtures are designed and constructed with the latest LED solid state lighting and electronic driver technology for optimum performance and energy efficiency. The aesthetics and performance make them the most appropriate choice for either general purpose light commercial or residential applications where consumers are replacing traditional fluorescent lamps. A bottom acrylic diffuser delivers a glare free wash of light. This fixture comes equipped with an impact resistant prismatic acrylic lens. The LED wrap fixture typically includes a full length U-wrap acrylic lens and a one-piece fabricated steel body. This fixture has an impact resistant prismatic acrylic lens. Metal parts are die formed from code-gauge steel. The metal housing is processed with a special coating for a highly exquisite touch. This utility light uses a transparent, prismatic acrylic lens with white steel end plates to create widespread illumination and features a continuous-interlocking design for simple and easy installation, lamp maintenance and cleaning. This wraparound fixture contains an inner metal cover to hide wires. This fixture is an excellent replacement for traditional 2-light fluorescent T8 or T12 wraps. LED wraparound is well suited for use with narrow ceiling areas like for example workshops, utility rooms and corridors. Exceptional efficiency, longevity, and aesthetic appeal make it the most desirable choice for a wide variety of surface or wall mount applications in schools, offices and hospitals.
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