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Commercial buildings such as shopping centers, retail buildings, educational facilities, hospitals and office buildings have diverse illumination requirements based upon the workspace environment. Lighting accounts for roughly 26% of the energy consumption in the commercial building sector. Lighting solutions optimized for energy efficiency, cost effectiveness, retrofitability, and occupant satisfaction are critical in the commercial lighting market. Commercial buildings use a broad range of lighting systems and a variety of innovative technologies. The driving forces for lighting upgrades are improved quality and higher efficiency.

The retail market segment has been the most conscious of the importance of quality lighting. The in-store experience has become the most fundamental attribute for building shopper loyalty. Retailers need to find ways to create a pleasingly distinctive and interactive in-store environment. Lighting plays a crucial role in supporting business operations, particularly in the retail field, where brilliant illumination helps catch the attention of customers and facilitate the completion of the sale. Office lighting must satisfy a variety of human needs. Visibility is vital to be able to see the task and its surroundings, but lighting affects a number of other aspects of well-being, including comfort, social communication, mood, health, safety, and aesthetic judgment. Office buildings often provide the greatest simple opportunities for cost-effective upgrading of lighting systems. Education facilities range from primary to middle to high schools to universities and colleges. Lighting is a critical element in the school environment. Lighting can have an effect on behavior, satisfaction, psychological responses to a space and task performance, communication and interest , aesthetic comfort and safety and security, while defining space and architecture. Lighting for hosipitcals and healthcare institutions is a challenging market segment since this sector is  constantly upgrading everything from the hallways to the operating rooms.operator

For years, commercial lighting systems, such as ceiling mounted lighting fixtures or luminaires, have made use of fluorescent lamps or incandescent lamps. Fluorescent tubes are widely used in a variety of locations such as educational facilities and office buildings for providing area lighting, for example. However, luminaires that incorporate light emitting diodes (LEDs) are emerging as an attractive alternative to fluorescent lamp luminaires, featuring remarkable improvements in efficiency and operating life. Linear lighting is used very often in commercial establishments, and accounts for a high percentage of the expense of lighting for businesses. LED tube lights are routinely used in commercial or institutional buildings, and are frequently installed in linear light fixtures (recessed troughs installed in a ceiling) and pendant light fixtures (housings hanging from a ceiling by a chain or pipe). Well-designed, lay-in ceiling troffer fixtures are widely used in office buildings, medical facilities, and other professional locales. Designed as an energy efficient replacement to conventional fluorescent troffers in T-bar grid (drop ceilings), the LED panel light is a modern general lighting fixture featuring high efficiency, aesthetically pleasing diffused light with minimal glare. The LED wraparound fixtures combine energy efficiency, luminous efficacy and modern aesthetic at its finest.

Commercial lighting systems range from one type of general downlighting to a well-designed package of accent, track, and spot lighting luminaires.  The LED track light is an ideal accent lighting choice for retail store lighting, gallery lighting, display lighting, task lighting, product highlighting, and other business oriented lighting purpose. Light strips, such as flexible LED light strips, have become ever more popular in various applications such as but not limited to under cabinet lighting, staircase lighting, architectural lighting, bar lighting, and sign applications. There are a great diversity of products that contribute to the identity, comfort, and visual quality of commercial lighting.
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