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Bicycle lights, including headlights (front lights), rear lights and wheel lights, are used by bicycle riders to improve visibility, signal their presence and/or capture attention. A bicycle headlight is attached to handlebars and to helmets to illuminate the path ahead. A bicycle rear safety light is used to indicate the cyclist's presence so as to prevent dangerous circumstances leading to accident and injury. A bicycle wheel (spoke) light is designed to light up wheels with custom images and animations. Bicycling is becoming an increasingly popular sport for both amateurs and professionals. There's a demanding need for innovative lighting solutions to fulfill today's needs for robust performance, impeccable quality, and failsafe reliability. The latest advances in solid state lighting technology gives rise to a plethora of exciting products that combine value, aesthetics, and sustainability. Powered by self-contained rechargeable battery packs, LED bike headlights project a brilliant, adjustable beam that cuts through fog and smoke with minimal backscatter. The high output LED light engine is housed in a shock-proof, water-resistant aluminum housing with options to operate in multiple modes such as high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness and flashing.
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