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Lanterns are portable light sources capable of standing on their own and light up a general area. Varying somewhat from a typical flashlight that is generally designed to provide a focused beam of light in a specific direction, a lantern is typically made to provide more general illumination to a proximate area around the lantern. Lanterns are very popular for outdoor activities most notably camping when other light sources are impractical or not available, Furthermore, lanterns in many cases are kept as a spare light source to be used at home or other places during power outages or any other situations where light is otherwise unavailable. With a typical lantern, an illumination device, such as incandescent, florescent or LED light bulb is positioned within a housing that serves to secure the light source and often diffuses the light in order to provide a more uniform glow around the lantern. LED light sources tend to be more efficient than conventional bulbs at converting electricity into light. LEDs are additionally durable and resistant to filament breakage as a result of shock or vibration. LEDs have a life span of approximately 50,000 hours as opposed to 2,000 hours for an incandescent bulb. Which indicates that the bulbs are not required to be replaced nearly frequently and do not need much maintenance. This is especially vital for marine lanterns that are challenging to get to. Whether utilized for camping, trick or treating, or power outages, an LED lantern will deliver up to 12 hours of bright omnidirectional LED lighting to observe your surroundings. It can function as a flashlight, emergency light or a camping light and become a fundamental part of your camping equipment and camping gear. Use the lantern to cozy up to a good read late at night, or to brighten your campsite. When there's an emergency, the red lantern light offers easy visual alerting from far distances. The lantern is also designed with water resistant durability to withstand rugged travels in harsh weathers. Built with durable, high quality materials, its impact-resistant construction and a shatter proof lens ensure that your lantern can handle life outdoors. The waterproof lantern features a built-in hang hook within the handle for hands-free use. No matter whether used for outdoor adventures, or as a handy accessory for your household emergency kit, this powerful lantern will be able to meet all of your lighting needs with simplicity and convenience. The flexibility of one light for all your needs.
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