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Step and Brick Lights

Lutec Victoria Exterior Vertical LED Recessed Wall Light
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Grill Faceplate LED Brick Light for Stairs, Walkways, Patios, Porches
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Lutec Louver Faceplate LED Brick Light for Outdoor Stairways and Patio Walls
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Lutec Helena Surface Mount LED Brick Light with Open Faceplate
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Lutec Helena Diecast Surface Mount Horizontal LED Brick Light
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Lutec Montana Recessed LED Wall Light
  • Lutec Montana Recessed LED Wall Light
  • The Lutec Montana recessed wall light is designed and engineered to produce a downward asymmetric light distribution for walkway or stairway lighting applications that require an attractive design and maximum visual comfort. With a ribbed slope inside the open face design to absorb excess light and minimize glare, Mont...
  •   VIP Ningbo UTEC Electric Co., Ltd. (LUTEC) 
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Step and brick lights are designed to safely illuminate stairways, walkways, patios, decks, balconies, and building perimeters. They also provide ground-level outdoor accent lighting, giving a modern, distinguished look to architectural exteriors. Stairs and walkways that are inadequately illuminated or that are at the mercy of shadows present a safety and security concern, especially outdoors where the light oftentimes cannot be effectively directed towards its desired area of use. A brick light generally has a louver or grill faceplate to eliminate all upward light. LED step and brick lights deliver dependable illumination with failsafe reliability. These fixtures offer improved energy efficient functionality and optimized light output to adequately light up stairs. The super bright LEDs provide an extremely effective and energy efficient recessed fixture well suited for indoor and outdoor use, delivering solid performance at a reasonable cost. Small in size but large in functionality and style, LED step light features a rugged frame that installs effortlessly on deck stairs to make steps safer at night. They are a safe low voltage lighting system that is ideal for indoor and outdoor locations. Solid stainless steel or die cast aluminum construction for enduring years of rain, snow, ice and wind. Environmentally sealed, enclosed and gasketed corrosion resistant housing. These fixtures are typically recessed into a cutout or the space of a single brick to make them very unobtrusive. The light source is usually shielded from all viewing angles to avoid disturbing glare.
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