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Outdoor Spotlights

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Outdoor spotlights are widely used in many residential, commercial and industrial applications in an effort to provide illumination where desired. An outdoor spotlight generates a concentrated narrow beam of light used for illumination of a small area. A different type of outdoor light fixture is an outdoor flood light. An outdoor flood light creates a larger, less concentrated beam of light used for illumination of a larger area. A floodlight provides a broader beam which can "flood" a large area with medium intensity light, e.g., for residential security. Spotlights, on the contrary, produce a tighter, more concentrated beam ideal for brightly illuminating an entryway, house numbers, or any of a selection of architectural or garden details. Outdoor spots and floods produce a fairly concentrated beam which is often directed laterally to light up trees, bushes, and various other architectural features, for example. Directional lighting devices, such as LED spotlights, are used extensively to illuminate of specific three-dimensional objects. The light from such light sources, highlighting for instance the foliage of plants, normally emanates from one source or from several discrete light sources placed at a distance from the object.

Growing numbers of homeowners have installed outdoor lighting with motion detector sensors attached thereto that automatically switch on spotlights when movement within a targeted area is spotted. An outdoor LED spotlight with PIR motion sensor is great for lighting driveways, walkways, yards, paths, entryways, stairways, and many other areas throughout the home. The rugged design also makes it an excellent option for use on commercial properties, in warehouses and storage buildings. Made of cast aluminum, with glass lens, adjustable tilt up/down, UV protected black paint finish, a landscape LED spot light is great for durable outdoor use. A solar spotlight works by using a solar panel to charge the light during the day. This solar landscape light allows to adjust light angle to get perfect illumination and adjust solar panel to position it in well-lit location. At night it lights up soon after motion is detected and turns off a couple of seconds after motion stops. This type of light is easy to mount with the screws and plugs provided. Its waterproof, heatproof and durable features are perfect for illuminating driveways, pathways, sidewalks, and other locations of your lawn, garden, etc. and ideal for landscaping your environment by illuminating tree, garden, yard, pool area etc.
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