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LED High Mast Lights

Light Source
Light Distribution
LED High Mast Lights for Sports Lighting, Golf Courses, Parking Lots
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200W 400W 600W 800W LED High Mast Lights
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High Output LED High Mast Lights (400W 600W 800W 1200W)
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ETL DLC Listed LED High Mast Lights (300W 400W 600W 900W)
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450W cULus CB SAA WEEE TUV LED High Mast Light
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1000W High Mast LED Flood Light for Sports Field & Area Lighting
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High mast lighting systems provide various levels of illumination for a wide range of applications while reducing ground level obstructions. They are frequently used to provide light for large areas such as highways, parking centers, sports fields, airports, maritime ports, or railroad yards. High mast lighting systems typically have a vertically elongated central mast  or pole with illumination devices installed at the top thereof. Since high mast lighting usually illuminates the entire traveled corridor within the road allowance, it is conceivable that it accordingly offers greater visual comfort to the traveling drivers by improving peripheral vision and also by better illuminating roadside obstacles, fixed structures along with other similar objects which can be just in the field of view of a driver. This is accomplished by more effective control of glare in addition to improvement in the driver’s orientation. These high power lights are designed to be mounted in fixed orientation at the top of a high mast, generally 20 m (65 ft) or higher. The provided level of light improves visibility and delivers a sense of safety. It improves the quality of life in those areas where few other artificial light is provided and increase the night activity and creates a safe environment.

With the ever increasing efficiency of LED luminaires and higher expected lifetime, the LED light source becomes the most cost-effective choice for any high mast installation. LED high mast lighting systems provide superior benefits for lighting large areas. The modular construction provides the most optimal light distribution. Each module might be tweaked to the perfect beam angle. Furthermore, the reflectors and lenses have been painstakingly developed to provide the very least of losses and to put the light in the accurately calculated spot desired for the application. The housing that provides IP65 rated protection of the LED light sources and drivers is constructed from heavy duty cast aluminum and also works as a heat sink system to provide superior thermal transfer for the modular LED modules. Each LED module possesses his own integrated optical system for achieving the desired lighting distribution. The prismatic glass optics relieve the direct view of source LED, eliminating glare and improving visual comfort. The LED housing is fully rotatable for accurate field aiming with clearly defined house and street sides.  High mast luminaires come in both symmetrical and asymmetrical distributions taking advantage of refractor and/or reflector or indirect control of light output. Each luminaire level can be designed individually with several parameters for example minimum and maximum light output, delay times from minimum to maximum and duration of on/off times. LED high mast lighting systems feature exceptional color rendering, high delivered lumens, minimal maintenance cost, remarkable energy savings, and extended operation life.
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