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Post Top Lights

ETL DLC Listed LED Post Top Lights (20W, 35W, 50W, 100W)
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LED Post Top Lights for Streetscape Lighting (20W 40W 60W)
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Decorative post tops provide superior photometric performance in conjunction with architectural appeal for your area lighting applications. Mounting heights for direct type luminaires are often limited to 8 meters (26 ft.) or less. Indirect type luminaires can generally be provided as an alternate mounting solution to (and match the appearance of) arm-mounted luminaires. These luminaires are generally installed within the parking area (away from the perimeter). Generally speaking, post tops offer a symmetrical distribution of light, but asymmetrical distributions also are available. There are two types of post top luminaires available; direct and indirect. Optical control for direct post top luminaires can be achieved by making use of reflectors as well as refractors. A high luminance source may provide suitable illuminance and a sense of security. Nevertheless, care must be taken to avoid excessive glare. Indirect post top luminaires shield the light source from normal view. Optical control is obtained by reflecting most of the light downward to the area being illuminated. This can provide excellent glare control together with important aesthetic values. Unfortunately, this type is usually less efficient (requires higher lamp output) than the types producing direct light and is usually limited to symmetric or slightly asymmetric distributions. Outdoor post-top luminaires typically have a base, for instance a post or other support, which supports a fitter. The fitter supports a globe that encloses a light source for example an LED bulb. The globe may be designed with refractive surfaces, prismatic surfaces and the like to help get a desired light distribution from the post-top luminaire. Additionally, a reflective shield might be included within the globe to redirect some light from the light source and help achieve a desired light distribution pattern. Post top luminaires are perfect for lighting parking areas of shopping centers, office buildings, historic urban settings, plazas and parks, churches, pathways, entrances and general area lighting around commercial, institutional and multi-unit residential buildings.
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