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Obstruction lights are employed to provide visibly perceivable elements to render the structures of towers and tall buildings which can be obstructions to aircraft navigation. Obstruction lights are usually mounted on varying styles of towers which have varying heights and configurations. Generally, the higher the tower the greater the lighting requirements. Obstruction lighting systems feature a very narrow vertical beam spread in order for this very high light intensity is not aimed downward into residential areas. Obstruction lighting is also used to make objects and spaces recognizable in dark environments (e.g. walkway lights used to illuminate gantries and ladders in refineries). All tall buildings constitute potential sources of danger for air traffic. To stay away from accidents, tall buildings are implemented with obstruction lighting or night markings for air traffic in the course of poor visibility, specifically for air traffic in darkness. To achieve maximum safety, it is very important that the obstruction lighting or night marking device be positioned as close to the highest point of a building as is practical, but ideally at a height where the obstruction lighting or night marking device itself forms the highest point of the building. Many conventional obstruction lights are assembled utilizing incandescent bulbs and other types light sources which can be energy and maintenance intensive. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) have quite a few advantages over traditional sources such as low maintenance costs, operating life, the simple control of beam spread, and ultra-brightness, etc. LED obstruction lights output extremely high light intensity along the horizon to ensure that obstructions are visibly marked for pilots to observe. An LED Obstruction light gives a red beacon for day and night operation for lighting structures and is available for Catenary style lighting (L-866). They can illuminate in static and also intermittent form. The system is designed to demand minimal maintenance for long periods, while operating in harsh environments with a rugged, weather-proof fixture. They can be powered with solar energy and also on electric grid.
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