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LED Canopy Lights

31-310W Surface Mount LED Canopy Lights | UL DLC CB CE SAA ErP
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Recessed Ultrathin LED Canopy Lights
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Slim LED Canopy Lights for Gas Stations, Drive-thru Canopies
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LED Canopy Light - 60W 80W 100W 120W
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Canopy-mounted light fixtures are designed to provide a downward and outward distribution of illumination for low-bay or canopy lighting. The canopy light is very versatile in its application. Traditionally intended for use in petrol stations and tunnel lighting, it can also be employed for other drive-through facilities such as financial institutions, supermarkets, parking structures, and outdoor lighting environments which are usually illuminated from above, often high overhead. Canopy lights typically come with a box-like canopy fixture housing mounted to a horizontal ceiling or canopy support structure for enclosing and accommodating lighting components and related structure of the canopy luminaire. The lamp is generally mounted horizontally in a lamp socket inside the canopy fixture, and a reflector is included above the light-emitting section of the lamp to distribute light downwardly through a glass or plastic lens assembly that encloses the lamp. When the fixtures are elevated and their light output directed downward, a wide area can be illuminated by strategic placement of the fixtures.

LED canopy lights are designed for replacing traditional MH/HPS lamps. These light fixtures make use of high quality LEDs for high-intensity light output and long LED lifespan. To further improve visual comfort, a glare-reducing optical system is optimized for efficiency and uniformity, providing high light levels on task. LED modules are shielded by a polycarbonate lens. To ensure weather-tight protection, each optical assembly is sealed with a silicone gasket. The LED driver is a constant-current device featuring a high-power factor correction to take full advantage of power utilization. Driver components are fully enclosed in potting for IP65 moisture resistance. An aluminum housing is used to accommodate and give protection to the control gear and the light source and performs as heat sinks to expand the area of heat dissipation and air flow, which considerably improve the efficiency of thermal conduction. By integrating the proprietary thermal management system, optics design and retrofit fixture design, an LED canopy light is the unique product in the outdoor LED lighting market.
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