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A personal headlamp is a battery-powered portable lamp typically used by hikers, bikers, hunters, campers, climbers, search and rescue teams, and other users to handily illuminate areas of interest. A headlamp frequently comprises a housing, a switch for turning the lamp on and off, a power source presented within the housing and a light source mounted in the housing and electrically connected with the power source, in which the housing is adapted for wearing on a user's head through a strap in order that a user is capable to wear the headlamp on his or her head for delivering illumination when he or she is performing some tasks or personal work. In some headlamps, specifically those designed for heavy duty, the power source is a battery pack separate from the housing that contains the light source. Electronic circuitry is often included for control of brightness and for selection of operating modes. This brilliant, powerful, hands-free portable LED headlamp features a light-weight, water proof, adjustable design. Bright, automatically illumination, adjustable straps that stays on your head, comfortable and innovative technology hand wave sensor that turns light on/off easily. Adjustable straps help secure the light to any head size, and a tilt mechanism enables you to point the light wherever you need it.
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