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Outdoor Ceiling Lights

Lutec Origo Round Outdoor Porch Wall/Ceiling Light
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Lutec Seine Square Flush Mount Outdoor Wall/Ceiling Light
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Lutec Titan Round Exterior Patio Wall/Ceiling Light
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Lutec UBLO Outdoor Flush Mount Wall/Ceiling Light
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Outdoor ceiling lighting serves both utilitarian and aesthetic purposes. Such lighting is popular in commercial and residential applications to create a balanced, comfortable and appealing environment in which the aesthetics, safety and security of the outdoor architectural spaces are enhanced. Architects and lighting designers consider lighting to be a critical element that lends the aesthetic appeal of the transition spaces between exterior and interior areas. Ceiling mounted light fixtures are available in a range of types and styles, from contemporary flushmount fixtures and decorative dome lamps, to vintage, ornamental hanging fixtures. Flushmount light fixtures are great types of lighting fixtures that are versatile enough to coordinate with the decorative and architectural scheme of the space. Outdoor ceiling lights are similar in configurations with interior version but are built to be highly resistant to humidity and moisture, jets of water, heavy impacts, dust invasion, and to temperature variations. The evolution in both commercial and residential exterior lighting has been characterized by progress in two directions simultaneously: energy efficiency and light control. New technology has remarkably improved the cost of ownership with the introduction of energy efficiency LED light sources. Lighting control modules such as dimmers, occupancy sensors and even smart lighting circuits have been increasingly incorporated in outdoor lighting systems as a part of all high-efficacy lighting design.
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