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Roadway lighting, street lighting, are they the same thing?

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Many manufacturers use either term to name their products. Are these two terms identical?

Report 2016-12-24 13:59
No, they're different types of lighting. Although both roadway and street lighting is designed to provide accurate and comfortable visibility at night of possible hazards in an adequate period of time to allow appropriate action. The primary purpose of roadway lighting is to help vehicle drivers remain on the roadway and give assistance with the detection of obstacles within and beyond the range of the vehicles headlights. Roadway lighting is designed for freeways, express ways, limited access roadways, and roads on which pedestrians, cyclists, and parked vehicles are typically not present. Roadway lighting luminaires emanate a range of symmetric and asymmetric distributions. A freeway is a divided highway with full control of access. An expressway is a divided highway with partial control of access.

Street lighting is used to illuminate major, collector, and local roads were pedestrians and cyclists are often present. The principal intent behind street lighting is to help vehicle drivers recognize obstacles, provide the necessary visibility of pedestrians and cyclists, and aid in visual search tasks, both on and alongside the street. Such roadways serves as the principal network for through-traffic flow, service traffic between major and local streets, allow direct access to residential, commercial, industrial, or other abutting property, and give access for pedestrian traffic, etc.
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Do not mix roadway lighting with street lighting otherwise your client’s lighting designer will be confused as they mean different lighting applications.
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