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HiMast High Power LED Flood Lights for Outdoor Sports Lighting and Area Lighting

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Available Wattages: 600W/900W
Luminous Flux: 66,000 lm/99,000 lm
Light Source: Nichia LED
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Origin: China
Last Updated: 2020-03-17 19:29
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Company Information
AGC Lighting is a progressive company specializing in manufacturing high power LED luminaires for industrial and commercial applications. Since the launch of HiCloud series LED high bay lights in 2014, AGC Lighting has established its position in ... [more]
Product Details

The AGC HiMast LED flood lights are highly engineered stadium and arena lighting systems designed to deliver optimal light for on-field activities and video productions, visual comfort for audience, and reduced light pollution outside of the venue. These sports field lighting fixtures are built to offer an economically sensible, value-added high power lighting solution with flexible lighting management, precise optical control and repeatable photometric performance over their long operating life. Best-in-class thermal management combines with high quality light sources, optics, and electrical components, all working together to deliver a great performance-engineered system.

HiMast LED flood lights are designed and engineered around the goal of delivering better quality illumination, more directional lumens per fixture and less lumen depreciation than any other LED lighting systems in its class. HiMast is available in wattage options of 600 watts (2-module system) and 900 watts (3-module system). AGC's robust LED engine is the brain of this high performance lighting system. The modular construction of HiMast floodlights consists of individual 300-watt LED engines, each producing up to 40,000 delivered lumens to meet critical levels for high task areas. The housing of LED light engines is constructed of heavy-duty, die-cast aluminum with integral heat radiating fins. The optimized geometry of heat sinks provides substantial convective and conductive surface area for effective system-level thermal management which correlatively contributes to HiMast's outstanding lumen maintenance. Powder coated aluminum housing and tampered glass lens are sealed by a durable form-in-place gasket for IP66 weather protection. The IK08 rated construction ensures the electrical components are protected against external mechanical impacts.

HiMast LED flood lights are equipped with narrow beam (18°/30°) optics. The high efficiency TIR optics combined with NEMA type 1 and 2 light distributions increases the percentage of the target area that can be modeled and eliminates a potential need to increase pole heights, thereby minimizing spill light and glare. The HiMast fixture features an adjustable mounting design for more precise aiming and focusing of lighting on the ground zone. Each LED engine can be individually tilted to allow adjustable aiming for optimal horizontal and vertical illuminance.

HiMast utilizes industry's most reliable LED power supply from Mean Well to address the "droop" effect which leads to sharply decrease in efficacy due to the typical high current operation in high intensity applications. The drivers are mounted in a separate enclosure which is thermally isolated from the LED assembly to mitigate the negative effects of thermal transfer from LED sources on the thermal-sensitive driver electronics.
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