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HiRack LED Linear High Bay Warehouse Lighting Fixtures

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Available Wattages: 30/60/90/120/150/180W
Luminous Flux: 3,600/7,500/11,250/15,000/18,750/22,500 lm
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Origin: China
Last Updated: 2020-09-05 10:14
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Company Information
AGC Lighting is a progressive company specializing in manufacturing high power LED luminaires for industrial and commercial applications. Since the launch of HiCloud series LED high bay lights in 2014, AGC Lighting has established its position in ... [more]
Product Details

HiRack linear LED high bay lights are engineered to deliver homogeneous illumination and high vertical illuminance in high intensity warehouse lighting applications with confined spatial conditions, narrow traffic routes and high shelves. Designed to replace and exceed traditional HID and fluorescent row lighting systems, HiRack offers exceptional energy savings with a leading efficiency performance of 125 system lumens per circuit watt. The heavy duty aluminum construction, combined with highly optimized lighting system, provide the performance, ruggedness and efficiency required for modern warehouse lighting.

The highly engineered lighting systems utilize high lumen density LED arrays, precision optical engineering and high reliability power electronics to deliver an extremely attractive balance of performance and ROI. Extruded aluminum housing provides strength and structural integrity. The integral heat sink enables fast temperature drop between the LED junction and the surface of the heat sink fins. High efficacy Nichia LEDs provide unrivaled lumen density, contributing to major reduction in system cost and power consumption while offering excellent color consistency. Available in five light distributions: 30°x70°, 60°x90°, 40°x130°, 90° and 120°, precision PC optics provide optimized beam patterns for open spaces and racked aisles without creating dark spots and light spill, keeping inventory moving safely and efficiently.

The HiRack Series linear high bays are equipped with high quality constant-current Mean Well drivers which are rated for Class 2, 100-277V input and 50/60Hz operation, and offer 1-10V dimming signals. HiRack luminaires are compatible with DALI dimming control to provide complete digital energy management. They can be connected to occupancy and daylight sensors and controlled through ZigBee protocol to reduce energy and maintenance costs even further.
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