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BR30 LED Bulbs

Bulb Base
Smartsense BR30 Motion Activated LED Light Bulb
  • Smartsense BR30 Motion Activated LED Light Bulb
  • Sengled Smartsense BR30 motion activated LED light bulbs are designed to simplify your security lighting installations. The self-contained security light in a standard BR30 form factor does what more expensive systems do, delivering the same functionality, efficiency and reliability that give you years of peace of mind...
  •   VIP Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. 
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15W, 20W UL Listed Dimmable BR30 LED Bulbs
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BR (bulged reflector) bulbs are lamps which has wide flood beam angles, meaning that they provide more than a 45 degree angle that is ideal for general room lighting. LED BR30s are the most suitable energy saving replacement for incandescent bulbs. They offer the same traditional look but present a very energy efficient form of lighting. These flood lamps generate homogeneous beams of high intensity for general illumination, while spreading a soft-edged, white glow. BR bulbs provide directional illumination, and are frequently employed in recessed down lights and track lighting, but may not be used outside in open fixtures, most suitable for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere in your home where you would utilize an indoor reflector light bulb. The wide beam angle makes the BR bulb an excellent option for general lighting purposes as a excellent decorative accent for residential/commercial lighting in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, museums, art studios, hallways and more. LED BR30 light bulbs are intended to deliver everyday value and effective, consistent light. Along with features of long-term reliability, environment friendliness and incredibly low energy consumption, the bulged reflector LED lamps convert your spaces into warm, pleasant environments. The brightness, the clarity, how the light seems to spread out wide make BR30 LED bulbs an excellent indoor lighting product. The perfect alternative to incandescent bulbs in track and recessed lighting fixtures is fully dimmable so that you can instantaneously customize mood of any room. They provide exceptional illumination and fit right into the standard medium screw base E26/E27 socket.
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