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LED PL Lamps

LED PL bulbs are designed to retrofit inefficient compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) with hassle-free installation. Featuring a wide beam angle, these lamps are widely employed for indoor illumination applications including wall sconces, recessed downlights, step lights, task lights, emergency luminaries along with other similar applications. Assembled with a lamp holder that rotates 180 degrees, LED PL retrofits come with a simple ballast bypass to ensure maintenance-free, energy-saving operation and better performance, and also instant-on capabilities. Instant on, no warm-up time, negligible color shift, consistent flux output throughout lifetime, extended service life, no mercury allowing for non-hazardous waste disposal, no harmful UV radiation make this lamp an effective choice in many projects. The directional nature of LED PL lamps is perfectly fitted for downlight lighting - illuminating the area of interest while avoiding overspill of light. These bulbs are designed to be installed into a pre-existing switch start fittings with the minimum of modification required. Available in E26, E27, GU24, GX23 and G24q base options with your choice of either vertical or horizontal placement options, LED PL retrofits offer a selection of retrofit solutions in commercial fixtures, such as fluorescent recessed cans, sconces, and ceiling fixtures frequently employed to illuminate retail shops, airports, hospitals, hotels, motels, resorts and apartment buildings.
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