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GU10 LED Bulbs

6W GU10 LED Spotlight and Downlight Bulbs
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5W GU10 LED Bulb 40W Halogen Equivalent
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A GU10 LED bulb is a type of multifaceted reflector (MR) lamp that makes use of LEDs as the source of light. They are extensively employed in directional commercial and household lighting applications including recessed downlights, track lights and commercial display lighting. Light emitting diode (LED) technology offers noteworthy advantages over legacy light sources including incandescent, high-intensity discharge (HID), and fluorescent lamps. These advantages consist of higher levels of illumination, an extended life cycle, minimal maintenance requirements, reduced energy consumption, compatibility with integrated circuits, and flexibility with respect to coloring and beam control. These robust alternatives to halogen spots offers modern technology and flexibility to take full advantage of your living spaces. Featuring high brightness homogeneous light output together with broad beam angle for diffusing light, and free of unnatural radiation pattern that hassle the eyes, GU10 LED bulbs takes advantage of high brightness LED chips encased in a lightweight housing ensuring the LEDs are kept cool to prolong the life span of the bulb. Most GU10 bulbs use COB (Chips on Board) LED in which multi LED chips are packaged jointly as one lighting module. COB LEDs have impressive advantages of thermal resistance, larger cooling area, improved lighting effect and superior light efficacy. Proprietary optics lens allow glare-free uniform illumination for all working environments. Solid aluminum body and heat sink provide more effective thermal dissipation. There are GU10 LED bulbs constructed with cutting-edge thermoplastic material, the LED light is manufactured with an insulating body and a completely insulated power driver that may be dimmable for additional lighting flexibility. This design safeguards customers from electric shocks. The increased radiation ratio of thermoplastic material facilitates it to dissipate heat quickly, and for that reason delivers excellent cooling effects, which directly lead to a longer and more stable service life. There aren't any startup delays, and the light is constant with virtually no flicker. Crisp and bright, GU10 LED bulbs offer aesthetically gratifying designs coupled with quality and energy efficiency.
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