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LED Candle Bulbs

Bulb Base
5W LED Candle Bulb With Bent Tip E14 Base
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LED candle bulbs imitate the design of a candle flame, which provide aesthetics that are alluring to many consumers and lighting designers. LED candle bulbs present a beautiful, sparkling light effect. LED light bulbs are a smart replacement for regular incandescent and built to deliver everyday value and effective, consistent light. Their decorative blunt tip, clear finish lead them to well suited for use in exposed indoor candelabra fixtures, wall sconces, chandeliers and enclosed outdoor fixtures. Create a relaxing and warm environment just like halogen or incandescent lamps. The bulbs with milky covers are nicely diffused so they are not stunning which is especially suitable for a light fixture that doesn't have shades. This warm glow lamp is dimmable over a white color range producing flame white light to warm white light effect for your living area. The dimming feature makes the LED candle bulb a perfect light source to be used in living rooms or family spaces where the lighting is often left dimmed to produce a nice cozy ambiance in the room. LED candle bulbs are an excellent option for rooms where you simply switch the light on for a few seconds or minutes as they are at full output instantly with no warming up needed, whilst the florescent energy saver bulbs do take some time to 'warm up'. This works well on places such as a utility room, but equally at home anywhere else. These bulbs are a direct alternative to any standard filament or fluorescent bulb but just much more efficient and more durable as they are solid-state. An additional advantage is the extended life of the bulbs. The deal becomes more desirable when you take into consideration the savings in maintenance cost during its lifespan. These bulbs can improve ambiance, energy-efficiency and level of comfort at your residence while giving you performance you can count on. Naturally, it still comes along with all the numerous LED advantages you are acquainted with. Switching to higher efficiency LED lighting can certainly help cut down your electric bill, preserve our environment and deliver the perfect illumination for your home. An LED candle bulb has a Candelabra Edison Screw (CES, E12) or Small Edison Screw (SES, E14) that fits most modern day light fixtures. These bulbs have a silver or gold base that produces a more stylish appearance. LED candles are a significant aesthetic improvement over old incandescents! Plus they are only several watts per bulb and rated to last for years of constant use.
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