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PAR38 LED Bulbs

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Smartsense PAR38 Motion Sensor Light | LED Security Floodlight Bulb
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20W, 30W Dimmable PAR38 LED Bulbs
  • 20W, 30W Dimmable PAR38 LED Bulbs
  • The XF Series PAR38 LED bulbs from Ansen Lighting offer superb lumen performance, high lux levels, and exceptional quality of light that are indispensable to create an inspiring atmosphere. These directional LED bulbs provide a superior quality, highly reliable, and economically viable light source for track, recessed ...
  •    Shenzhen Ansen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 
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A PAR LED lamp is a type of spot lights with parabolic aluminized reflectors. The number following the PAR corresponds with the number of eighth-inch increments in the diameter of the lamp at its widest point. A PAR38 lamp is typically about 38 eighths of an inch in diameter, or 4.75 inches in diameter. The PAR38 LED bulb serves as a direct alternative to existing incandescent and CFL PAR38 or BR40 bulbs. PAR38 LED lamps are compatible with new and retrofits installations requiring excellent lighting quality and superior energy savings, as they offer outstanding beam performance for accurate accent lighting applications without sacrificing color quality, while providing substantial energy and maintenance cost savings as opposed to traditional light sources. This is realized by taking advantage of high efficacy COB or SMD LEDs optimized for extraordinary performance in applications where quality of light is essential in commercial and residential spaces for purposes of general lighting, accent or track lighting. PAR38 LED bulbs deliver smooth, glare-free spot light which is well suited for track lights, recessed lights or can lights that accept PAR38 bulbs with E26/E27 medium screw bases. With a high CRI (color-rendering index) over 80, light from the LED reveals the true colors of any object or surrounding. They are available in multiple beam options that are perfect for showcasing merchandise and enhancing the atmosphere of any space. Waterproof PAR38 bulbs are also ideal for outdoor use in garages, security fixtures, landscape lighting, outdoor flood lighting. Engineered with heavy-duty, all-weather construction, these bulbs protect against shattering, rain breakage and splatter from oil and lubricants, they creates a bright light similar to daylight and is excellent for use in wet locations including basements garages, workshops and enclosed exterior fixtures. A parabolic aluminized reflector works together with the honeycomb diffuser to eradicate glare and disperse light uniformly with a gradual fade into non-illuminated areas. The elegant design provides extended life in comparison with less-efficient incandescent or halogen flood/spot lights. Contrary to traditional bulbs, no warm-up time is needed for this LED bulb. It is also anti-glare without having discernible buzz or noise. The dimming capabilities make it easy to make the most out of your LED lighting. Compatible with most dimmers. Make a choice from white, neutral white and warm white color temperatures.
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