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RGBW LED Color Changing Light Bulbs with Remote Controls
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Colorful lighting is a pleasant way to furnish inside and outdoors to add ambiance and control to the lighting in your room. A color changing LED bulb is a great item for a party or for a gift for someone's room. It is easy to take advantage of a different color at anytime to lighten your mood. The color it generates is incredibly vibrant, extremely saturated. The transitions are clean and look professional. This is an awesome lamp for interior accent lighting, mood lighting, or something like that. Explore light in manners you never thought possible, at any moment, for virtually every mood, in just about every color. Imagine you are drinking coffee, relaxing in the lounge, listening to the songs, and then take the remote control to pick what colors or modes of the RGBW LED light bulb you desire, sometimes lighting jump, every now and then lighting fade. The changing colors of the light relax you however if you simply want to get sleep with it, the brightness can bother you a little. What a wonderful night!

The light bulb is included with a remote, making it fun and easy to operate. You are able to customize the color of the light with the touch of a button. The remote control is robust and with the addition of dimming and several colors, you will for sure find one that you like; and when you get bored, you can always just change it immediately. Manage the ambiance and mood of your room by just choosing your preferred color from a continuous spectrum of colors, or select from the pre-programmed color modes, and enlighten your friend and party guests. Controlling the bulb is by using an IR remote controller that lets you set any color properly suited for your environment: red, magenta, orange, yellow, green, mint green, teal, aqua, blue, lavender, purple, and indigo. Also features white to perform as a standard light bulb. Take advantage of the remote to control one or multiple bulbs together and just pick a color on the remote to bathe your room in light that echos your personal style. The bulb can also be programmed to sleekly cycle through the colors automatically, fade, strobe or flash through every color. You can even dim or make each color brighter by utilizing the remote control. The Flash mode alternates colors, the Strobe mode alternates colors more quickly, the Fade mode gently shifts the colors and with how it transitions you technically view the entire color spectrum as it cycles through, and also the Smooth mode is a faster transition of alternating colors than Fade, though with a smoother transition than with Flash.

These LED lamps deliver smoother, more uniform light distribution, enabling them to be employed in a wide selection of applications. LED technology provides improved performance over popular energy-saving compact fluorescent technology. The durability of the bulbs construction enables them to hold their vibrant color for a long time. No longer will you have to be concerned about your bulbs hitting the ground or knocking against your ladder. With no mercury and other hazardous materials, these energy-saving LED bulbs make the perfect environmentally-conscious choice.
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