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Integrate long-established Christmas style with energy efficiency in your home decor. Enhance the decorative splendor of your fixtures for a stunning aesthetic whether lighted or off. Let your lighting display glow this holiday season with multi-color C9 LED bulbs. Made for a variety of decorative lighting applications including sign, amusement and holiday lighting applications as a alternative to standard incandescent bulbs, these gorgeous lights have got faceted bulbs with a crystal-like texture that sparkles and radiates indoors and out. The quality light of LED delivers consistent color from every angle, even if dimmed in the most conservative of outdoor ambiances. These lamps can keep working around thirty times as long as incandescent and thus minimizing the hassle of replacements. Offering a high lumens-per-watt ratio and create a bright, crisp light in a range of colors, they are the eco-friendly, incredibly cost effective way to illuminate your home or business for the Christmas season with the most vibrant and long-lasting lights around. Constructed with a durable non-glass lens, these LED bulbs are waterproof, tamper resistant, corrosion resistant and break resistant. They fit straight into your home application or into the most cutting-edge, visionary lighting design project and are great for lighting any home or gathering place for any holiday or special event.
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