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Reflector (R) LED Bulbs

Bulb Base
Standard reflector (R) LED bulbs are general purpose directional lighting bulbs that provide an energy efficient solution to replace the inefficient incandescent and halogen reflector bulbs in size and shape. These funnel shaped reflector lamps consist of R12, R14, R16, R20, R30, R40, R63 and R80 bulbs which are named after the bulb diameters, e.g. R80 having a diameter of 80mm at its widest point. R bulbs are designed to cast a defined beam (about 85 percent of the light they produce) to the target area. They are often used in recessed-eyeball and track-light fixtures as well as directional reading lights to illuminate specific surfaces like walls, desks, counters or floors. Because LEDs are inherently directional, reflector LED bulbs do not use a reflective coating inside the bulb directs light forward. As with general purpose LED bulbs, the system lifetime and performance targets of R LED bulbs involve a complex set of tradeoffs made within limits of cost goals. The cost optimization is focused on minimizing driver component counts and system heat dissipation materials.
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