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2G11 LED Lamps

2G11 LED Tube | PLL 4-Pin LED Retrofit Tube
  • 2G11 LED Tube | PLL 4-Pin LED Retrofit Tube
  • Available in 9 inch (225mm), 13 inch (322mm), 16 inch (410mm), and 22 inch (535mm) lengths, the 2G11 4-pin base LED tubes from PVTECH provide one of the easiest to install, most affordable and efficient LED replacements available today to retrofit your fluorescent troffers with LED technology. These PLL tubes deli...
  •   Xiamen PVTECH Co., Ltd. 
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2G11 LED replacement lamps have been developed to replace conventional 4-pin 2G11 fluorescent tubes. Compatible with any existing 2G11 4 pin sockets, these LED plug lights with built-in power supply can be conveniently installed into existing fluorescent fixtures, just plug and play. LED 2G11 lamps use high luminous efficacy SMD LED chips, durable anodized aluminum housing, PC diffuser covers, isolated constant current drivers with wide voltage range. The integrated LED driver generates less heat and extends the life of the lamp ensuring maximum levels of light.  A fluorescent lamp runs on the fluorescent substance which converts ultraviolet radiation in the lamp into visible light. The efficiency of the fluorescent lamps is higher than that of the incandescent lamps, i.e. 90 Lumen/Watt versus 12 Lumen/Watt. Despite all this, since the introduction of the LED lamps, the fluorescent lamps are no longer the most energy efficient lighting technique. An LED 2G11 lamp includes a tube body and caps fixedly connected to two ends of the tube body. A plurality of LEDs connected in series are assembled on the LED substrate. A driver circuitry is incorporated to control the voltage passed to the LEDs. These fixtures have end mounts which cooperate with 4-pin connectors extending from the end caps of the light tubes. When compared with traditional light sources, 4-pin 2G11 LED lamps have advantages, such as high luminous efficiency, low power consumption, and long service life. LED lights are commonly used in many applications to replace typical fluorescent lamps and neon tube lamps. These advantages make LED 2G11 lamps the perfect and easiest upgrade choice for spaces such as classrooms, offices, workshops, healthcare facilities, commercial spaces or any other application where energy savings and durability are critical.
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