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LED Corn Bulbs

Bulb Base
LED corn bulbs are retrofit LED bulbs designed to replace E26/E27 medium base and E39/40 mogul base metal halide lamps. A typical LED corn bulb include cast aluminum fin heat sinks, impact resistant polycarbonate lens or refractors, an internally driven (self-ballasted) driver or external isolated constant current driver providing safe and reliable operation, using high brightness 2835, 5630, 5730 SMD chips. In terms of a low power LED bulbs, a heat sink member is usually dispensed with because of its low power consumption and small amount of heat generated. However, for a high power LED corn lamps, especially that of a high power and requiring continuous lighting, a heat-dissipating member alone is not adequate. The poor heat dissipation of hot spots results in the overheating of LED lamps. When the junction temperature exceeds 120 degree. C., the high temperature will cause lower performance of LED, shorter service life, and in many cases the peril of burnout. Hence, to promote the application of LED, the heat dissipation has to be effectively taken care of. High power LED corn bulbs have two-step cooling system to ensure a longest possible life. The aluminum-fin heat dissipation system makes it possible for uniform distribution of heat throughout the lamp. The internal active-air exchanging fan which further accelerates the process of heat dissipation while maintaining a suitable internal temperature protecting the electronic components. Advanced designs feature built in surge protection with automatic shut off, equipped with overheating protection. LED corn bulbs operate with 110 to 277V AC or 85 to 265V AC line voltage. These bulbs can be configured to work with 12/24V solar street lighting applications. The optical design efficiently emits light in a 360° (omnidirectional) beam angle. Enhance your outdoor or indoor lighting with LED corn bulbs, offered in a range of color temperatures to closely mimic HID or HPS style bulbs, fast activation, excellent color rendering, no warm-up or cold start problems, LED corn bulbs are ideal for indoor high/low bay lighting and outdoor decorative post top fixtures in walkway lighting applications. Save 80% in electricity consumption as opposed to conventional street lights, high pressure sodium lights and metal halide lights. Mogul (E39/E40) screw bases are larger than medium (E26/E27) screw bases. Mogul base sockets are used mostly for high-intensity discharge (HID) sources, usually higher than 175W and less than 1650W. With some exceptions, medium screw bases are standard for HID lamps less than 150W.
GE High Wattage LED Retrofit Corn Bulbs Revitalize Metal Halide Fixtures
GE High Wattage LED Retrofit Corn Bulbs Revitalize Metal Halide Fixtures
GE Lighting offers a line of energy efficient LED replacement lamps for retrofitting HID post top, wall pack, shoebox and warehouse light fixtures. Available in UL Type A ballast-compatible and UL ...
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