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LED Globes

Globe Diameter
18W G120 LED Globe Bulb E27 Base
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5W G45 LED Bulb With E27 Base
  • 5W G45 LED Bulb With E27 Base
  • Carrying an A+ energy rating, the 5W LED globe emits 400 lumens in a 160 beam. Its frosted glass finish helps to smoothly distribute light. A minimum CRI of Ra 80 delivers high-quality color rendering. Complementing decorative ceiling pendants, chandelier...
  •   Shaoxing Newbright Lighting Co., Ltd. 
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G-shape (Globe) LED bulbs are used in a variety of applications in which a ball shaped light source is required for decorative and vanity fixtures like for example ceiling fans, bathroom vanities, accent fixtures, restaurant pendant lights, ornamental lights, commercial light strings, decorative light strands, RV interior lighting, and boat cabin lighting. Globe shape bulbs emit light in all directions for full illumination. They can be placed in light fixtures either on the ceiling or on the walls to deliver background illumination. Because LED lights feature instant brightness and high light levels they are ideally fitted to this purpose, including in larger rooms. Globe shape LED lights can also be used in bedside lamps and standard lamps for accent lighting, which produces more appealing effects than ambient lighting. They can also be employed in reading lamps directed in a selected area for focused light. This type of lighting is referred to as task lighting. They are pretty compact and the color range of the light emitted is simply perfect for accent lighting, chandeliers, string lighting, specialty fixtures, signs, and as a low wattage night light. These bulbs create better and consistent light on dimmer scale vs. standard incandescent bulbs. With dimmable driver circuits, these light bulbs deliver a warm atmosphere with soft light, while offering your family cost savings and efficiency. Fit right into your rooms or into the most really advanced, modern, and lighting design project. Added benefits include no UV or infrared emissions, relatively cool running performance, capability to withstand vibration (no filament), no warm-up time or waiting to switch on and no detrimental effects from rapid cycling on and off. LED globes is generally paired with a E26/E27 (medium) base, much like that of a standard A19/A60 and come in outputs which ranges from 1 watt to 15 watts. Like A-series bulbs such as A55, A60, A65, A70, A80 bulbs, there're different sizes for LED globes including G45, G50, G60, G70, G80, G100 bulbs. It’s easier to figure out what G45 is, because its diameter is represented in metric. A G45 is a golf ball bulb with a 45mm diameter. G95 is a G bulb with a 95mm diameter. G120 is a G bulb with a 120mm diameter and so on. In the Unite Sates, the number following the "G" indicates the diameter of the bulb in 1/8 inch increments, for example G16, G19, G25, G30, and G40 bulbs.
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