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PAR30 LED Bulbs

Bulb Base
PAR30 LED Bulbs for Retail, Showroom, Artwork Lighting
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BR30 Emergency LED Light Bulb with Built-in Rechargeable Backup Battery
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Dimmable Short Neck PAR30 LED Bulbs
  • Dimmable Short Neck PAR30 LED Bulbs
  • The PAR30COBMYL/R13 parabolic reflector LED bulbs from Ansen Lighting provide instant energy savings while producing a pool of high quality white light with a focused beam. With exceptional efficiency, thermal and electrical design standards, this directional bulb delivers uncompromising illumination performance over a...
  •    Shenzhen Ansen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. 
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15W, 20W Dimmable PAR30 LED Bulbs for Track Heads & Downlights
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A PAR30 LED bulb is a type of spot lights which utilizes LEDs as light source. These parabolic aluminized reflectors are extremely efficient, and easily integrated into your existing indoor or outdoor light fixtures, perfect for recessed, track and security lighting applications. PAR30 LED lamps are designed in the classic style of traditional incandescent reflector lamps (either short neck or long neck), but provide solid state illumination and deliver significant energy savings. With greater energy efficiency, extraordinary color quality, and great color rendering index, they're designed to be the most efficient substitutes for incandescent, halogen and CFL lamps. The utilization of high brightness COB/SMD LED in lighting applications is desirable for several reasons, such as the ability to provide higher levels of illumination, an extended life cycle, minimum maintenance requirements, energy efficient, and flexibility when it comes to coloring and beam control. The die-cast aluminum body allows to dissipate heat which improves performance and provide more effective cooling to boost light output and extend LED life. The E26/E27 base perfectly accommodates most standard Edison screw-in sockets and well suited for track light or 6" recessed fixtures. Featuring smooth dimming options, high compatibility with most dimmers, these fully dimmable light bulbs are an excellent option for residential use in kitchens, living rooms and dining rooms and for commercial application in restaurants, retail, and hospitality applications. PAR30 bulbs with wide beam angle make them most suitable for general lighting purposes throughout the house. Available in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K color temperatures, the PAR30 LED lamps are excellent for new and retrofits installations requiring top-quality illumination quality and remarkable energy savings. The daylight color temperature produces a bright quality light best for reading and detail oriented tasks. The warm white color temperature which emits a warm full glow fitted to living rooms, dining rooms and recreation rooms.
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