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The use of LED bulbs to replace incandescent and halogen bulbs in 12V applications is growing in popularity in many applications such as vehicle headlights, as well as for indoor, landscape, industrial lighting. G4 LED capsule bulbs are a direct, plug-in alternative to the halogen lights employed in many low-voltage lighting fixtures, especially designed for interior lighting in RVs, boats, and other battery-powered lighting. Its extended 25,000 hour long lifespan makes it a lot more cost effective than its traditional counterpart. G4 LED bulbs are surface painted with silica gel material with high translucency to ensure light emission capability, water-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion resistant. LED chips are uniformly spread across the side and on the top of the bulb to maintain a 360 degree all-round beam angle. These bi-pin LED lights draw a small amount of current (e.g. the brightness of a 2W LED bulb is comparable to the brightness of a 20W traditional halogen). You will save as much as 90% on energy costs. These lights are often provided in warm white which creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere many people prefer for interior applications like for example cabinet and kitchen lighting, although cool white, red or blue for specialty applications are offered also. Providing massive energy savings over filament lamps without sacrificing brightness, the G4 base LED lamp can be frequently used in household and in vehicles, including table light, pendant light, wall light, crystal chandeliers, puck lights, under-counter lights, closet light, under-cabinet lights, as well as interior lights for RV, aircraft, automobiles and marine boats.
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