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High Power LED Bulbs

Bulb Base
100W Dimmable High Power LED Bulb
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24W SMD5730 LED Bulb for Industrial Lighting
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15W SMD5730 LED Bulb for Industrial Lighting
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High power LED bulbs provide adequate illumination to replace a typical 100-400 Watt metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) bulb whilst only consuming a small percentage of power. High power lamps are widely used in the place with large areas, including indoor and outdoor plaza, stadium, all sorts of commercial squares, industrial facilities, mines or highways. With the rise in popularity of LED (light-emitting diode) lighting, more and more businesses seek a lighting plan with more energy saving and long life. A light emitting diode is an optoelectronic semiconductor device which is activated in response to electric current to emit various colors of light. The illumination efficiency of LED is about six times the illumination efficiency of the conventional incandescent tungsten light bulb. Being a good alternative to 100W, a 30 LED bulb can save energy as much as 83% comparable to traditional incandescent bulbs. As is well known, light emitting diodes have strict requirements in terms of heat dissipation. Too high temperature will lead to the LED luminous efficiency attenuation, if the heat generated by the LEDs can not be effectively dissipated, it will cause the life span decline of the LEDs. Especially for some ultra-high-power LEDs, the heat-dissipation problem is significantly critical. A heat radiating structure for high-power LED mainly consists of a heat sink, an aluminum substrate, a heat conductive silicone grease, a heat radiating plate and other parts together, the LED thus connects with the aluminum substrate via the heat sink. These bulbs use aluminum material as the heat sink, which is superior to plastic and glass heat sink in the market. And all electronic parts (power system) sealed in an insulated cylinder. Never bother with the temperature and safety problem for this heat sink. With its long useful life and powerful, flexible options, high color rendering index, high power LED-based light bulbs illuminate effectively from a height, provide lighting on the both the vertical and horizontal planes for maximum visibility of racks and shelves, and practically eliminate lamp replacement, which implies fewer operational disruptions, giving you greater versatility over your living environments and industrial applications.
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