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G9 capsule lamp is a compact light source for use in ceiling fans, desk lamps, accent lights, chandeliers, track lighting, wall mounts, sconces, vehicle interior lighting, outdoor fixtures, artwork lighting, landscape lighting. Halogen G9 bulbs are not energy efficient and very hot after hours of working, fragile and need careful handling. G9 LED bulbs feature high energy efficiency at very low heat generation, high brightness, uniform light distribution, excellent color rendering of illuminated objects, no flickering, homogeneous light without unpleasant radiation pattern that safeguards the eyes. G9 LED bulbs are among the best replacement for old halogen G9 bulbs. The light has a beam angle of 360 degrees and therefore illuminates its surroundings from light. The bulb is constructed with crystal clear PC lens and ceramic body which enhance the light emission capability and heat conductivity, ensuring the product's quality and reliability throughout its life time. The soft lighting is still crisper than a halogen, produces little shadow, and is complimentary to any room. The light distribution more uniformly distributed than halogen due to the LED chips spread around the entire bulb including the top. Last a lot longer at a lower energy cost, this alternative to halogen bulbs uses up to 80% less energy than halogen bulbs.
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