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LED Track Lights

Product Type
Track Type
LED Track Lights, Directional Spotlights, Cylinder Pendants for Museums, Galleries, Hotels
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LED Track Lights for Retail Stores, Shop Display, Exhibition Stands
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15W, 25W LED Track Lights for Commercial Accent and Spot Lighting
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35W LED Track Lighting Heads for 2-, 3- or 4-circuit Track Systems
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Track lighting is typically designed to provide illumination that can be easily manipulated or adjusted to cast light in a desired direction. Track lighting systems perform a dual function: connecting a light source to the power source as well as supporting the light fixture. A lighting equipment system is comprised of an energized power channel (track) and snap-on luminaires (lamp holders). Track is usually fabricated from extruded material that typically resembles an "H" in cross section, with two vertical members interconnected by a horizontal member. The bus bar support and bus bars are factory-assembled in the lower half of the "H" and the connection of fixture assemblies is accomplished through the open bottom. The track can be straight, curved, or alternatively have some other shape, may be flexible or rigid, in addition its surface may have a selection of colors and textures. Track is generally made of linear extruded aluminum, containing copper wires to form a continuous clerical raceway. One or more track lights are coupled to the track via one or more track heads. The track lights may be pivoted on horizontal and/or vertical axes, and furthermore their position on the track may be adjusted, to ensure that they may better light up a room or object. The track lights attach to the track heads, and they to the track, both mechanically and electrically so that electric power can be transmitted to lights in the track light. The lamps may be fixed or positioned at any point alongside the entire length of the track, and also the angle of every lamp may be adjusted in either case. The lamps are powered from a single power supply whose power is transmitted by conductors running along the inner surfaces of the track. Lamps and tracks are available in various decorative styles, which make track lighting systems perfect for use in diverse environments

Track luminaires are available which use filament, compact fluorescent, or metal halide lamps, LEDs, or high-pressure sodium lamps. The LED track light head is designed and constructed for use with track light systems. In LED track lighting systems, parallel connection of light fixtures is frequently accomplished by a power source providing a track with a constant DC voltage. Each LED fixture typically consists of an embedded power conversion circuit to transform the input constant voltage DC into a constant current output to drive the LEDs. It snaps effortlessly into place along the length of track. The head can be adjusted with a narrow beam angle, which makes it an excellent option for accent lighting. LED track lighting offers both style and function and is ideally suited for highlighting or bringing light to specific areas. They are the ultimate accent lighting choice for retail store lighting, gallery lighting, display lighting, task lighting, product highlighting, and residential lighting purpose. This ceiling light fixture is dimmable to deliver desired mood and ambiance to any room. Aiming it at decor or architectural features will add state-of-the-art flair to your interior space. Track and track fixtures are usually fabricated in black or white, but other finishes, such as bronze and silver, are also available. Some fixtures can be painted to accommodate the color of the surrounding exhibit area.
Best LED Track Lights for Showrooms, Museums, Art Galleries, Retail Stores
Best LED Track Lights for Showrooms, Museums, Art Galleries, Retail Stores
Track lighting creates points of focus, establishes a hierarchy of importance, and reinforces design aesthetics. LED track lights provide a versatile, adaptable, modular, energy efficient solution ...
ERCO High Ceiling LED Track Lights Accentuate Brilliance in Car Showrooms, Exhibition Halls
ERCO High Ceiling LED Track Lights Accentuate Brilliance in Car Showrooms, Exhibiti...
A track mounted, high ceiling LED accent lighting system that provides long distance spotlighting, floodlighting or wall washing for car showrooms, exhibition halls and large commercial buildings.
Lumenpulse Commercial LED Track Lights Offer Superb Retail, Hospitality and Museum Lighting
Lumenpulse Commercial LED Track Lights Offer Superb Retail, Hospitality and Museum ...
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