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An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that is activated automatically when a building experiences a power outage. Emergency lighting is designed to switch on in an emergency situation (e.g., power failure) to provide egress lighting throughout the emergency situation. Emergency lighting systems are frequently mounted in structures to provide lighting when electrical power to the structures has been disrupted. These lighting systems are generally optimized to deliver a maximum amount of brightness to assist in, for instance, emergency ingress and egress from such structures. Emergency lighting is required to operate upon loss of normal building power typically supplied by a utility as Alternating Current (AC). Power for emergency lighting is required to be provided from a completely independent source, usually batteries, or an electrical generator. When an urgent situation occurs, it is of critical importance that there should exist adequate visibility for certain zones. Evacuation or assistance measures can be performed safely only if certain relevant parts or areas of buildings continue to be illuminated during failure of the electric power supply. Emergency lighting fixtures are usually installed near emergency exits to illuminate emergency egresses from the area, and are widely used in commercial buildings, residences, and the like. In addition to marking the location of the emergency exit, light emitted from the emergency lighting fixture lights up the floor around the emergency exit to clearly light the path to the exit. All public areas, corridors, passageways, landings, and stairways are required to be lighted with 50 lux (minimum) at floor level. Illuminance variation on stairs must not be greater than 4:1. The emergency lighting must not only be installed in accordance with certain codes and regulations, but the emergency lighting also needs to operate effectively when called upon. Often, activating the emergency is an automatic process which takes place when the emergency situation arises. Emergency lighting is usually provided by emergency light fixtures that are installed with fluorescent luminaires that provide illumination in non-emergency situations. LED emergency lighting fixtures may be attractive for substituting these fluorescent luminaires and may offer much better energy efficiency, reduced heat generation, extended life and desirable overall performance characteristics, such as certain color and/or color rendering capabilities. LED emergency light provides an appealing solution to applications that require low profile egress emergency lighting with rugged robustness and good looks. Made out of die-cast aluminum with an injection molded polycarbonate refractor which is UV stabilized and incorporate mirrored optics for optimum distribution and efficiency., the housing is gasket sealed ready for use in both outdoor and indoor applications.
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