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LED modules are used commercially to illuminate advertisement signage, light boxes, channel letters, and other illuminated signs. They are also used for accent lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, decorative lighting, over counter lighting, holiday lighting, etc. Backlight module is among the essential components to provide adequate brightness and uniformly distributed light sources to facilitate the advertising media to display images normally. Fluorescent lamps have long been employed for advertisement lighting. People prefer fluorescent lamps to traditional light bulbs simply because they are generally more long-lasting and brighter when compared with traditional light bulbs. Regardless of the advantages and popularity of the conventional fluorescent lamps and neon lights, they undoubtedly have discrepancies. To begin with, a realistic disadvantage of them is that they are often fragile. Moreover, conventional fluorescent lamps will develop a significant potential difference between their respective terminals so as to yield a potential risk to their user. LED consumes less energy than fluorescent lamps and it’s shatter-resistant. LED backlight modules typically use SMD 5730, SMD 5050, SMD 3528 LEDs connected in parallel circuit. Each module may be used individually or as a string. LED backlight modules are energy efficient and eco-friendly. Extremely easy to install using self-adhesive backing. LED module lighting is 12V DC and draws small current so there is no danger of electric shock or fire. Unlike florescent light, LED activate instant to full power with no buzzing sound.
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