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Replace your old cooler fluorescent tube with LED cooler fridge light. LED cooler lights help retailers slash annual operating costs while further enhancing the visual attractiveness of products in vertical refrigerated cases. These bright cooler LED lights can make your merchandise prominent and they are great for stand alone fridge, walk in cooler or any places that you desire waterproof led lighting. The lighting system for commercial coolers and freezers are required to have a very long life, offer cost effective benefits, be resistant to cold weather and add little to thermal load. LED cooler lights have all these characteristics and more, including low glare, instant-on capabilities, and the versatility in controlling color and color temperature. Light generated by an LED is inherently cool, a feature that comes in handy in commercial cooler and freezer applications that specialize in grocery and produce items. With no additional heat or UV rays, food spoilage and waste is a non-issue.
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