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LED Adjustable Gimbals

30W 50W LED Gimbal Downlights | 360°Adjustable Ceiling Recessed Spotlighting & Floodlighting
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Downlights are luminaires that are installed in a hollow opening within a ceiling to provide inconspicuous light that appears to shine from a hole in the ceiling. Adjustable downlights provide lighting for a targeted area, and are aesthetically attractive simply because the fixtures are advantageously recessed in the ceiling. LED adjustable gimbal lights are designed to allow vertical tilt and bidirectional rotation in the plane, delivering the flexibility of having the ability to swivel and tilt the light for desired lighting purposes, an excellent option for directional lighting. With a rotatable eyeball that also is directional you can easily focus the light in any direction you desire. This versatile light can also be used as a down light. Effective thermal dissipation facilitated by integral cast-aluminum, finned heat sink design for the highest level of heat dissipation to provide long LED life. Polycarbonate diffuser and reflector cone produce a homogeneous light distribution that reduces glare without compromising lumen output. The streamlined design enhances any interior space with its flush mounting and aesthetic appeal.
Best LED Downlights | Recessed Spotlights, Floodlights and Wall Washers
Best LED Downlights | Recessed Spotlights, Floodlights and Wall Washers
Recessed LED downlights are architecturally inconspicuous luminaires that can be used for ambient, accent or task lighting. A downlight allows lighting to visually enhance whatever deserves to be n...
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