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HiPark LED Garage Ceiling Lights
  • HiPark LED Garage Ceiling Lights
  • The HiPark Series is designed to take full advantage of the benefits of solid state lighting while addressing the unique challenges of parking garages and canopy applications. Architectural design, uncompromising performance, and low total cost of ownersh...
  •   Shenzhen AGC Lighting Co., Ltd. 
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60W 90W UL DLC Listed Modular LED Garage Lights
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50W cULus CB SAA WEEE TUV LED Garage Light
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Lighting fixtures are frequently used in parking structures including enclosed garages and partially enclosed mall parking areas. Parking garages generally require supplemental daytime illumination in above-ground facilities, and full day and night lighting for underground facilities. These parking garage luminaires offer an indispensable safety function by effectively and efficiently casting light on these structures for both pedestrians and drivers. Parking garage luminaires of advantageous designs should preferably eliminate glare, effectively shape the emitted light, and direct the light normally upwardly in order to keep away from a cave-like effect, in most instances downwardly to illuminate the driving and walking surfaces, and often outwardly to provide light for the sides of the structure, people and vehicles. For garages, the maximum and minimum values are used in a very much the same manner to parking lots. These values are determined from calculation of illuminance on the pavement for an array of points that try not to go higher than a spacing of 2 meters (6 ft). Parking garage luminaires should feature sealed structure developed for a hostile corrosion- and emission-prone outdoor environment. Typically, these luminaires need to withstand the corrosive atmosphere caused by humidity, salt, and vehicular emissions. LED parking garage lights are typically designed in a low profile aluminum housing, electro-statically applied polyester powder coated finish with independent LED lighting arrays. These fixtures are IP65 weather protection rated. Furthermore, parking garage luminaires normally needs to have a long operating life to with minimal maintenance.
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