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Flat Panel LED Downlights

12W Slim Square LED Panel Light
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9W Slim Round LED Panel Light
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24W Surface Mount Square LED Panel Light
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18W Surface Mount Round LED Panel Light
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Round and square LED panel lights are slim profile luminaires with light generated by edge-lit SMD LEDs which are distributed uniformly over the entire panel through the light distribution mechanism engineered on the panel. With a diffused optical lens, the LED panel light presents a sleek, flawless surface of illumination without having perceptible bulbs or hot spots. The light of the LED panels delivers a uniform and vibrant light - either on a cool or warm white shade. Such a flat panel downlight is constructed from premium die-cast aluminum and feature a frosted lens. These stylish lights take advantage of the latest in LED lighting technology to give off an extra bright light while using very little energy. The white powder coated aluminum frame not only complements ceiling grids but also transmits heat away from the LEDs, ensuring long life and a steady light output. Designed to accommodate directly into present standard suspended ceilings and recesses, or can be surface mounted to ceilings and walls or alternatively can be used as pendants. These slim flat panel LED lights are ideally suited for both commercial and domestic applications for lighting offices, meeting rooms, business facilities, industrial units, outlet stores, education facilities and residential properties. The ceiling recessed lights can be effortlessly integrated into ceiling or flat walls since they come complete with fitting clips and the external LED driver power supply is included. You just need to cut a matching hole and after that connect the driver to the main power. Flat panel LED downlights can be recessed or surface mounted. When it comes to appearance, edge-lit LED panel lights are slimmer as compared to the direct-lit lights for the reason that the SMDs used in them are placed at the edges rather than at the back. Direct-lit ceiling panels are still in the market because they produce adequate light. Edge-lit LED panel lights are more popular because they deliver precise light control, uniform shadowless light and high optical efficiency in general lighting applications.
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