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Exit pathways and exit access doors are required to be clearly identified with approved exit signs easily noticeable from any direction of egress travel. Light sources for exit signs must operate for no less than 90 minutes during power interruptions. Proper directional arrows must be provided on all route-to-exit signs. To overcome the drawbacks associated with incandescent bulbs, many manufacturers are starting to utilize light emitting diodes (LEDs) in lieu of incandescent bulbs in exit signs. LED exit signs offer both reliability and low cost performance, well suited for commercial, industrial facilities where economy, visual appeal and the ultimate ease of installation and maintenance are desired. Each light emitting diode provides a relatively small amount of light in comparison to the traditional incandescent bulbs wherein a large number of light emitting diodes must be used to deliver the same amount of illumination offered by the traditional incandescent bulbs. LED exit signs generally are box-shaped, with an outer metallic sheet having a cutout forming the word "EXIT." A translucent piece of red plastic lies alongside the outer sheet, and an LED light source inside the box lights up the plastic from behind. Arrows on the sign specify the direction of the nearest fire escape. The light source is typically connected to an emergency power supply, or a battery backup. A push-to-test switch verifies proper operation and an LED indicator indicates operating status. Such lights typically feature a thermoplastic housing that is impact resistant, scratch resistant and corrosion proof. In the event of power loss, the LED light sources will remain illuminated at their full light level for a minimum of 90 minutes.
INOTEC Edge-lit LED Emergency Exit Signs Upgrade Safety, Aesthetics and Sustainability
INOTEC Edge-lit LED Emergency Exit Signs Upgrade Safety, Aesthetics and Sustainability
An edge-lit LED exit sign that combines a low-profile, clean design with the dependable performance and sustainability of LED technology in a digitally controllable architecture. Ideal for upgradin...
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