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LED aluminum profiles, aluminum channels or aluminum extrusions provide a rigid, dust proof housing for flexible LED strip lights. The extruded housings provide superior thermal management that helps dissipate heat generated from the junction point of the LEDs while maintaining the structural integrity of the light assembly. Aluminum extrusions in various forms allow optical components such as a variety of lenses to be attached to the housings to customize the distribution of the light output and create ambient lighting or mood-enhancing effects. Available in surface mounted and suspension options for direct and indirect lighting, LED aluminum profiles give architects and designers a plethora of choices to create distinctive lighting scenarios. The versatility and clean styling makes them perfect solutions to architectural and commercial linear applications from kitchens, bathrooms and bars to office work stations and retail displays, and can be integrated into stair steps, railings, decorative trims, casework, furniture, and flooring. Waterproof LED extrusions can be used in outdoor lighting applications for both decorative and security lighting purposes. With sophisticated accessories and control options, a host of lighting effects can be created for the simplest static color accent to dynamic color-changing applications. Combining on-site length customization with a sleek profile and superior light performance, LED aluminum profiles offer a variety of innovative solutions for projects which require a low total weight without compromising style, strength and quality.
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