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LED light boxes are primarily used for backlighting graphics, retail displays, signs, menu boards, large visual merchandising or advertising campaigns. Highlight any area and create accent lighting elements in your commercial or residential project. Retail establishments typically use a wide selection of display systems to showcase products to consumers. Generally, a poster or advertisement is placed inside the lightbox, which illuminates and draws interest to the poster.  LED light box provides absolute uniform illumination in a slim profile for backlighting graphics utilized for marketing campaigns and in-store visual merchandising. These double-sided standing light boxes work as great attention grabbers when placed near doorways and entrance areas. The slim body design of LED light box lights up every inch of the graphic with even light, projecting a life-like color rendering that sets a new standard for backlit signage. An optically-refined reflective pattern technology delivers high and even brightness to a graphic or photo. LED light boxes make use of cast acrylic with durable snap frame. 4 sides of lightbox can be snap open for pain-free graphic change. With ease in interchanging graphics, installation and operation, LED light boxes are ideally suited for permanent retail displays, corporate environments, eye-catching tradeshow graphics and much more.
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